Hello Everyone, MSE here!

It has been a long journey but I finally managed to finish the application and I am quite happy with the way it turned around.

There still are issues and bugs and on this blog I tried my best to explain them and find workarounds and I look forward to fixing them in the near future.

The application is meant to be easy to use if you have basic knowledge of the way modular synthesisers work and the main reason behind creating such an application was to create a method for anyone to experiment with modular synthesisers without having to spend an unearthly amount of money as the modules cost. Soon, probably even later today I will write a new post with a download link for the application so that anyone could experiment with it and be included in the world of Modular Synthesisers.

Here is the Download link for the application:


Thank you very much and I hope to see you in my future posts!

Like always, Have a good one!