Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I want to show you some tricks when designing an application in Max MSP. Creating a nice and user-friendly interface is not the only aesthetic aspect that you need to keep in mind, but the way the application looks as a whole is.

What I did was to use 2 crucial objects to create an interesting application: thispatcher and menubar. With the ladder, I configured the menu screen that on Mac OS appears at the top of the screen right to the Apple logo. I personalised the about screen and created a new menu called “More Information” where with the click of a button a new Max window will open with a built in web browser and open this website, where for so long I have been detailing every aspect of the application.


The thispatcher object was used to permanently configure the default screen and remove the possibility to change its size, minimise or maximise it. This was done using flag messages that are automatically sent to the object when the software loads. Another use for the above-mentioned object was to hide the jit.table when the application first loads. this creates a simpler interface and as soon as any button is pressed in the viewfinder, the table would reappear.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 17.30.59.png

Have a good one and I’ll see you in my next post!