Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I’ll show you my progress on creating a nice user interface and how I managed to integrate it with bpatcher into the main patch as a viewfinder.

What I did was to choose the elements for each screen and make them all large and visible and create an appealing structure using panels. With the send forward and send backword functions, I managed to three dimensionally arrange the all the objects so that even if they overlap, only the important objects will be visible.

The panels are as follows:

Screen 1 – Shows all the connections and contains the dropdown menus for the jit.table

Screen 2 – Contains the screens for the 3 user effects, the sample player and the dials

Screen 3 – Contains the Trackpad and Keyboard settings

Intro screen

6 Tutorial screens that walk the user through how to use the software at a basic level

After finishing up the panels, I created a new patch that soon became the interface patch and added a bpatcher object in it. After loading the Main patch into the bpatcher and created all the inlets and outlets, I created a testing mechanism with variables to find the exact coordinates for the offsets. I created a new subpatch that connects to both the jit.table and main patch for the interface buttons and sends the offset data to a thispatcher object into the main patch to change the offset.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 18.06.59.png

That is it for today and I’ll see you in the next post!

Have a good one!