Hello Everyone, MSE here!

I know that the title is quite odd, but what I want to show you in this post is how I added 3 additional input methods to the project.

If you have access to the Akai APC Key 25 MIDI Controller, I managed to integrate the device’s keyboard and create a system that individualises it for all 4 oscillators. An addition to controlling the frequency of the oscillators, I also managed to use the velocity of the key presses to turn on or off the attack of the envelope generator.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 18.30.43.png

The second part of this post is for the potential users that either don’t have access to the controller or want to use it with alternative input methods.

As I mentioned the keyboard earlier, I created a way to use the Computer Keyboard to change the frequency of each of the 4 oscillators by assigning the key values to fixed messages. This system functions great, with the exception that it doesn’t allow the user to change octaves, therefore I had to create a system of counters that would change the values and use simple math to reassign the fixed MIDI values.


The final part of this post is to show you how I used an existing system, called fingerpinger, to divide the trackpad into 4 different regions and use the vertical position of the finger on the trackpad as dial control. There isn’t much explaining to be done for this section of the patch, as what I did was to repurpose a small patch that I did during one of my lectures.

Have a good one and I’ll see you in the next post!