Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Now that I finished presenting all the different modules of the patch I can go back to showing the changes that I made to the functionality of the patch in order to accommodate such a large number of inlets and outlets.


I will start with the virtual dials. They could be used on their own or via the hardware dials of the Akai APC Key 25 MIDI controller. Each dial goes into a subpatch that converts the information (a range between 0 and 127) to a range suitable for the destination (for some audio controls the range was between 0 and 1 whereas for other sections it was even as high as from 0 to 5000). Each dial has a drop down menu allocated to it that contains all the possible routeing options. The index of the dropdown menu controls a gate that sends the information to the corresponding scale and send objects. There is nothing incredibly special about this section of the project apart from the maths used for the routeing and conversions.


Have a good one and I’ll see you later this week with a new update!