Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I will present two modules that are built in a similar way to allow for best results and live control: The 4 Filters and the Effects.

Both of the modules are built with the vst~ object that allows the user to use a fully working VST or AU plugin.The Filter uses 4 plugins that are built into the Apple and Logic Pro X ecosystems (one Low Pass Filter, one Band Pass Filter, one High Pass Filter, and a Graphic Equaliser), whereas the Effects module contains only one built in effect, the Delay, and 3 empty vst~ objects where the user could drag and drop their own plugins.

All of the configured VST objects also contain conversion mechanism that receives information from the virtual dials and outputs it within the appropriate range to control the different parameters of the plugin.

That will be all for today and I’ll see you in the next one!

Have a good one!