Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I’ll show you another 2 small modules, and the reason for grouping them this way as it was in the previous post is not to have very small posts with only a few lines of writing.

The Microphone Module was intended to emulate the way that the Ears by Mutable Instruments Eurorack module works. It has a microphone input, an output that sends a gate whenever a specified threshold is reached and when planning, it also allowed the user to use a contact microphone. Unfortunately, the contact microphone section proved to be more complicated than useful to be implemented into a standalone application, and it was hard to create a method for the use to change on the fly the settings of the audio engine to assign a new input to the Analogue to Digital Converter.


The VCA module was intended to replicate the use of Trim by 2hp Eurorack module ant it has 2 individual channels with one input, and one output each and both of them go through a slider that adjusts the gain of the audio signal.

That was all for today and I’ll see you in the next one!

Have a good one!