Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I will present 2 of the smallest modules of my patch: The Random Voltage Generator and the Noise Generator

The Random Voltage Generator is built around a random box that outputs logic-less numbers within a specified range (in this case it defaults to output numbers between 0 and 5000). To make it compatible with the Matrix the numbers had to be converted to signal therefore it outputs a stream of audio signals at maximum amplitude with a frequency within the specified range. Using the virtual or hardware dials, the user can change the higher value of the above-mentioned range and even the rate at which the messages are sent by modifying the built-in metronome (Identical to how the sequencers were made, this metronome uses an equation to change from milliseconds to beats per minute).


The Noise Generator is probably the smallest module of the patch and it functions as required without anything special.

That was al for today and I’ll see you in the next post!

Have a good one!