Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I will present a module that gave me a hard time ever since I created it, and that is the sequencer. The original idea was to replicate the eurorack module with the same name from the company 2hp. It is an up to 16 steps sequencer that could also change the direction and has some additional functionality, but when emulating a system that was supposed to work with voltages, in the digital world, not all the functions came out identical and also several new issues arose.

The envelope generator that I will present later this week requires a binary input to start the attack and the release. For that reason, the sequencer had to output both 1s and 0s to correctly trigger the envelope generator. One workaround for this issue was to create a counter and select system that would trigger a “1” message on every beat and duplicate it at double the frequency and trigger a “0” message on every second beat.

Another important issue was when considering how the sequencer and envelope would work together, and because the Matrix works best if all the inputs and outputs are the same (all of them are audio signals in this case), the binary messages from the sequencer had to be converted into signals. The result worked but created the issue of latency (every time I scrolled the patch or even pressed any button or changed a value, the sequencer temporary stopped triggering the envelope generator and every few seconds it would miss a beat), and whenever the tempo was too high it would fail in closing or opening the envelope generator and it would either get stuck open or never open. A workaround for this issue was to bypass the Matrix connection and directly connect the two sequencers to the first 2 envelopes without converting it to signal anymore and use the existing connection buttons to trigger a gate that switches between the signal and number inputs.

The other functions that were emulated from the eurorack module seemed useless in this digital iteration as there is no difference between having 2 or 16 steps, and the same goes for the direction the sequencer is working in.

When using the Akai APC Key 25 MIDI controller and the sequencer is selected on either one of the 2 outlet channels, the trigger buttons will pulsate green on the beat.

The patcher is still not working as high as my expectations for it are, and I will continue working on it and hopefully I would find a satisfactory workaround for the issues.

This will be all for today and I will see you later this week!

Have a good one!