Hello Everyone, MSE here!

I think this is a perfect moment to start presenting the modules that will be included in the synthesiser.

The first module that I would be presenting is the oscillator. There are 4 instances of it to allow polyphony and the only difference between them are the send and return objects, which are tailored for each oscillator.

The subpatch contains 4 sound generators that produce sine, square, saw and triangle soundwaves and allow for frequency change from various sources (MIDI Keyboard, course tuning and more to be implemented soon). All the sound generators are also connected to a multiplication object that allows for frequency modulation with the help of a sine wave generator.

In order to create a square wave in Max, I had to search on the Cycling74 forums and found the solution by creating a small offset on the saw wave generator and filter the harmonics. The triangle wave generator was created by using the specialised triangle object, that filters the harmonics of a phasor.

That is all for today and I’ll see you soon!

Have a good one!