Hello Everyone, MSE here!

Today I will share my progress with the method that I devised for expanding the MIDI grid for the software. Unfortunately, the grid having only 40 buttons meant that if used as a matrix grid, it could have been limited at 8 outlets and 5 inlets, which is rather limited for what I have in mind for the software, therefore a method of expanding the grid had to be devised.

By using math, I created a system that takes the same MIDI values from the grid and reallocates them a different message using a coll object.


Using the arrow keys on the MIDI controller to control a series of gates, I managed to complete the reassignment in order to expand the grid. The messages are later split in two and devided to give information regarding both the horizontal and vertical positions on a jit.table.


The matrixmovement subpatch was created to solve the issue that occurred when pressing the arrow keys, as being a midi button, it would send the message once when pressed and again on release. the issue was solved using a combination of thresh and zl.len objects in order to select only one bang when the button was pressed and released in less than half a second. The if statement at the end of the subpatch limits the user from moving the grid more than the available numbers.


That is all for today, Have a good one and I’ll see you in the next post!