Hello Everyone, MSE here!

In this post I am going to show my work on the MIDI engine that would be used in my Synthesiser.

The engine has 3 important sections: searching every 5 seconds and selecting the desired device (Akai APC Key 25 in this case); translating the received MIDI messages (and sending them to the other components of the patch; sending packed messages back to the device in order to change the lights.


The subpatch will automatically search for the device and as soon as it is found and selected, it is going to assign it to the midiin and midiout devices to read and send data.

The MIDI parse object strips down the received messages in order to use each component independently. In this specific case, the information from the grid is sent on channel 1, whereas the information from the keyboard is on channel 2, therefore by using a double gate, I managed to separate the messages and have MIDI data within the same register to be sent automatically for both pitch control (the keyboard) and matrix control (the grid).

The final part of the patch packs information for every group of buttons and allocates a colour for the LED built into the device and send the information twice a second in order to prevent the lights from stopping after being pressed.

The MIDI parse object also individualises the 8 knobs on the controller so they could easily be forwarded to the virtual knobs.

That was all for this new section of the software, Have a good one and I’ll see you in the new post!