Hello everyone and welcome to MSE Programming blog!

My name is Mihai and with this blog I will show you the long road towards finalising my project, and that would be a emulation in Max MSP of a fully modular eurorack synthesiser.

The synthesiser will be create on the website modulargrid.com and each module would than be recreated in Max MSP.

In order to recreate that sort of manual interaction with the patch, the system would be controlled by a matrix, where all the inputs and outputs converge. The matrix could be controlled software using a mouse, or hardware using an APC device (the one that the software would be constructed with is Akai APC key 25).

With these posts you will have the chance to see how the project evolves from this stage where it’s just a little more than an idea, to the final project submission, which would be at the end of February. Moreover, this blog will also contain my research, where you could find interesting bits of information with Max MSP and maybe have some questions answered using the Contact form on the website.

Have a good one and I’ll see you in my next post!